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Puppy Junction
Puppy Guarantee
We guarantee that all of our puppies are healthy at the time of purchase.  
They  will be current on all veterinarian recommended vaccinations and
dewormings.  Each puppy passes a thorough veterinarian exam within 7
days of delivery.  We also require that all of our new puppy owners take their
puppy to a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery, for a thorough check up.  
This is to not only ensure your new puppy's health and welfare, but to also
help establish a strong life long relationship with your Veterinarian.

We also guarantee our puppies for (5) five days from the date of purchase
against;  Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, & the Parainfluenza Virus.  New
must not vaccinate their puppy for at least (10) ten days after the
date of the last vaccination on record.  If a puppy receives two vaccinations
that are ten days or less apart, it confuses their immune system.  This
confusion results in neither vaccination working, instead they work against
each other.  Our guarantee is null and void if the puppy is boarded in a
kennel, or is allowed contact with any other animal that is ill, during the first
(10) ten days after purchase. Our guarantee is also null and void if the puppy
receives vaccination within (10) ten days of the last vaccination on record.

If one of our puppies require veterinary treatment within the first 72 hours
after purchase, or the first (5) five days after purchase (guarantee from 72
hours until 5 days after purchase is only for Parvovirus, Distemper,
Hepatitis, & the Parainfluenza Virus), the new owner must notify Puppy
Junction prior to obtaining treatment, unless it is a life threatening situation
and we cannot be reached.  Under this guarantee, we will not pay for any
testing or treatment not authorized by us in advance, unless it is a life
threatening emergency and our veterinarian agrees that such treatment was
necessary and should be our responsibility.  At no time will Puppy Junction
reimburse any charges that exceed the original purchase price of the puppy.

Puppy Junction reserves the right to obtain a written diagnosis & treatment
from the your veterinarian, and  have our own veterinarian provide a second
opinion, before paying any incurred veterinary costs.  In some cases, we
may require you to obtain a secondary diagnostic opinion from a
veterinarian of our choice in your geographic region.  Puppy Junction will
cover the cost of this secondary diagnostic veterinary visit.  If our
veterinarian, and/or the secondary veterinarian are in agreement with your
veterinarian regarding the treatment this puppy requires, we will cover the
cost of said treatment up to, but not to exceed, the original purchase price of
the puppy.

Hereditary Illness Guarantee

All of our  puppies are guaranteed against any serious, life threatening
genetic defects until the age of (1) one year.  If a life threatening genetic
defect (examples - grade 4 or higher heart murmur, liver shunt, von
Willebrands disease, severe megaesophagus, etc.) occurs within that time
frame, the Buyer will be either given another puppy of equal value or receive
a reimbursement of incurred veterinary expenses associated with the
treatment of this condition, up to the purchase price of the puppy.  The final
choice of replacing the puppy or reimbursing the expenses, shall be at our
discretion.  At no time will the reimbursed expenses or the replacement pup
be more than the purchase price of the original purchase.  At no time will the
Buyer receive a refund/reimbursement that equals a dollar amount larger
than the original contracted price of the puppy. The shipping and/or
transportation cost of the replacement puppy will be at the Buyer's expense.

Day to Day Care

New puppy owners assume all responsibility for the day-to-day health,
temperament, and treatment of their new puppy.  They must also agree to
keep their puppy up-to-date on all veterinarian, state, and federally required
inoculations and parasite preventatives, including flea, tick, and heart worm

Our puppies must be provided with a healthy, clean, safe home
environment.  The owner further acknowledges that English and French
Bulldogs cannot tolerate extended periods of heat and cold.  All  English &
French Bulldog owners are highly encouraged to
never leave their English
& French Bulldog outside in extreme summer or winter weather without
supervision. All of our English and French Bulldog puppies must be housed
in a temperature controlled environment. Our puppies are only sold as
inside pets and must not be kept as outside pets or our guarantee is null
and void.

This contract is null and void if the new owners do not continue with the
English and French Bulldog puppy’s vaccination series, fails to see a
qualified veterinarian when the pup is ill, or neglects/abuses this puppy in
any way.  Our puppies are all sold as pets, although they may be of
breeding or show quality, it is at the new owner’s sole discretion whether to
breed or show this puppy.  There is no requirement that this puppy be bred
or shown.